This is Christian Michael Walker’s debut post. Welcome to the Punch Cartel!

What is life? Are we alone? What does our future hold? What makes us

These are but a few of the questions we all ask ourselves from time to time,
hoping for an answer either from thin air or the back of our skulls somewhere we
seem to know so little about. Why do we care so much? Are we that arrogant
that put our own lives and safety before the well-being of the universe? Maybe
we are. Maybe we care too much to the point where life itself revolves around us
and us alone.

Who am I? No one in particular. I consider myself an analyst of life. A
philosopher of sorts. An artist behind the scenes. A great writer with a
meticulous outlook on life, pushed forward through a unique perspective. And
no, that doesn’t mean drugs…

…rather an outsider looking in, once an insider.

Whether some of us admit or not, the evolution of our planet has taken over four
and a half billion years. BILLIONS. The evolution of the Universe has taken over
fourteen billion years…again…billions.

Yet we ask ourselves how our meager existence impacts society and nature past
reason and places our sanctity on life’s pedestal. Let’s look at this from the sun’s

And yes, this may take a second.

First, the world was formed. Out of rock and natural materials swirled together
by the ever-growing force of gravity, Earth was condensed into a sphere. Then
cells we formed. Then multicellular life (cells working together…remember this)
evolved into complex life forms navigating Earth’s rough terrain. For the next
three billion years, here’s a list on who stole the spotlight:

Arthropods (bugs)
Insects (more bugs)
Flowers (for bugs)

Life was luscious and fertile, green and prosperous. After the flowers rose up,
dinosaurs took the world by storm and rose to the top of the food chain. They
were strong, dominant creatures that…well…dominated life to its fullest. Until
this huge asteroid wiped them out.

THEN we came (not like that, sicko). Over two million years after the extinction
of dinosaurs, the ape and its predecessors evolved into our version of cavemen.
We developed for the next 250,000 years and began carving our mark into the

You may or probably are not wondering ‘how could something that’s only been
around for 250,000 years make its mark on the 4.54 billion year old planet?’


Homo sapiens have developed a diverse and quite elegant supercomputer
we call a brain. While natural instincts dominate most species, we use our
reasoning and logical skills to advance our species. Our creativity evolved
later…probably somewhere around the time the wheel was invented.

And without dinosaurs over our backs, we were the next ‘logical’ species to insert
our foot up big ol’ Earth’s behind.

So for over four billion years, nature has relied on nature to seek shelter, food,
water, oxygen; the essentials for carbon-based creatures. Only when humans
took the stage did creatures start building food markets and workshops and
science labs. And banks. Don’t get me started.

We sometimes ask ourselves ‘Are we alone?’

Well, we will be if we keep buying steak from Costco. Bulk-style.

I had the privilege of taking my excursions to Alaska for a couple years, where I
learned people hunted (I was young) and ate what they killed. In retrospect, not
only is the food chain, but there is a certain feeling of good that fills me that we
rely on our natural instincts instead of hitting these massive uber-production food
dispensaries that home grow chickens just to kill them…who knows how many
chicken cousins got together…we’re eating they’re demented offspring.

I guess my point is…we humans as a species have drifted further and further
away from our natural instincts as creatures and furthered our knowledge and
intelligence by measuring our brain activity and forgetting what it means to be a

Just look at us.

Biped hairless mammals walking out of the house, into the car, to hit up McD’s.
We occupy big open spaces of construction we call houses, and walk on
sidewalks specially designed…to be flat. No wonder we trip everywhere.

We have lost hair all over our bodies because we aren’t outside enough. Why
else do other creatures have hair? To keep them warm and dry! Us? We have
umbrellas. We have completely lost touch with our history and have become
obsessed with fast this and fast that, creating technology we can’t fix without a
hold line, and building couches so we can sit at rest to have the back of eyes
pulsed by LED lights emitted by the 46” TV in front of us.


We want to think someone or something is watching over us, because hey, it
would SUCK to be alone. Even I believe there is some force out there keeping
order throughout the Universe and correcting right and wrong. We all need faith
because we’ve lost faith in ourselves.

So what does our future hold? More (probably completely) hairless big-headed
small bodied bodies with tremendous knowledge and technology without regard
for lesser life.

Lose the KFC bites, hit the outdoors and become one with nature. Remember
these moments while you walk through NYC’s massive mobs and find your
peace. Help this world reconnect without territorial conflict and A- or H-bombs.
Or whatever we have nowadays.

See what I mean? We can’t even keep up with life! Think we’re moving to fast
now? Maybe the problem is we’re moving. Period. Maybe we don’t deserve to
have all this, and we’ll end up like the dinosaurs. Who knows, maybe they were
headed in our direction, we just made it farther.

But that’s a blog post for another era. I hope this sparks a light in your mind. I
think even I learned something!


What do you think?

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