My Most Paranormal Experience

To begin I will say that this 100% happened but not everyone I tell believes it, so I guess it’s up to you.

One weekend when I was in high school two of my best friends came over for a sleepover. Let’s call them Michelle and Sabrina. We decided that it would be fun to play with an Ouija Board. Both of my friends are very religious (and I am not) so they were insistent that we had to pray before we started.

As soon as the sun went down we set up the board in my living room on a marble table, held hands, asked for God to watch over us, and began.  We started with the usual silly things like ‘can we talk to a spirit,’ ‘is anyone there,’ etc. etc.  We did this for a while and then it became boring and we went to bed.

The next morning we woke up and decided we should play again. We sat back down and started asking questions, we never redid the prayer.  We wound up ‘talking’ to a spirit who claimed he was evil and he killed himself.

Interested, we asked why he was evil and his response was ‘because I am gay.’ immediately we felt terrible. We told him that being gay didn’t make him evil and we were so sorry he felt that way and had to take his life. After that the responses seemed to lag and become less frequent. So Sabrina suggested we light a candle that was sitting on the table to help guide the spirit so our conversation would flow faster.  Sabrina ran upstairs to grab a lighter and came back down, lit the candle, and fell back to her seat.

But as she sat she hit her elbow on the marble table and yelped in pain. Of course, Michelle and I laughed, called her clumsy and whatnot, and as we settled, Sabrina was clearly still in pain. She was sitting between the table and the couch hunched over in an upright fetal position and she was rocking back and forth holding her elbow up against her.  She was making these awful heaving noises that were getting louder and louder.

At this point, Michelle and I were a bit concerned, and figured she hit her funny bone a bit too hard, so we asked her if she was alright, but she didn’t respond. She just kept rocking and moaning. All of a sudden, my two tiny dogs ran into the room barking and jumping at Sabrina. My dogs only freak out like this when the front door opens and people come into the house, but my friends had been there over night and no one had just come in. So I was trying to pull my dogs away from Sabrina because she was clearly in a lot of pain, and my dogs were being annoying. She had been rocking for a good minute and Michelle and I were now scared. We started yelling at her stop, we weren’t having any of this and if she was just joking, it wasn’t funny.

Then all of a sudden, Sabrina jolts straight up and slowly turns her head at us.  I can honestly say that typing this is bringing tears to my eyes, because I have never been this scared in my whole life. Sabrina’s face was drained of any color and her blue eyes were huge. She stared at us and the look in her eyes was the most horrid, angriest feeling I have ever seen or felt.

I thought she was going to spring at us, but instead her head turned back in line with her body and she flew backwards towards the ground, hitting the wooden floor with a loud thump.

Michelle and I were screaming at Sabrina, and she just casually sat back up, looked around and asked us why her head hurt so much. My dogs then just walked off as if nothing had happened and Michelle and I were practically crying. Sabrina was so confused and we told her what had happened, but she had no recollection of the past five minutes. My mom ran into the room asking if we were alright and Michelle and I immediately told her what had happened. My mom, not wanting to believe us, just claimed Sabrina had a seizure and we that we weren’t allowed to play with the Ouija Board anymore.

The next day I asked Sabrina if she could remember anything at all about what had happened, and she said, ‘You know in Hercules when he goes to Hades to save Meg and there are all those green spirits floating around? Well, it was like that but in blue and I couldn’t make out any faces, and all I could hear was constant talking, like a thousand people were all talking at once.’

To this day I believe that this happened because we forgot to pray beforehand.


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