Hey, that song kinda sounds like… uh?

This is a video of me covering the song “Before The Beginning,” by John Frusciante.

What’s interesting to note about the song is that it sounds almost exactly like another song, “Maggot Brain,” by Funkadelic. (Or you may not have heard of any of these songs!)

What’s also interesting to note is that John Frusciante intended for it to sound that way!  He has stated that the song “Before The Beginning” is his homage to Eddie Hazel’s “Maggot Brain.”

That’s good and all, but I find throughout music that there are plenty of cases where a song sounds very similar to another, and it wasn’t intended, or maybe just by accident.

Here’s a list of some songs that sounds very similar:

***The chorus of Lady Gaga’s “You and I” is the exact chord progression of “Hey Jude,” by The Beatles. (Next time it’s on try singing Nah, nah, nah during the chorus).

***Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” (1973) is the exact same chord progression of Neil Young’s “Helpless” from the CSNY album Deja Vu (1970)

Now there’s most likely more, but these are the main one’s I’m going to cover.  These cases have all been chord progression related.  And it’s very easy for a musician to write something completely original, and then find that it’s the same chords for another song, or maybe only part of it sounds like another song.  I have done this myself!  (And then trashed the song after realizing it sounded like another).

I feel it’s a case of being heavily influenced by another musician’s work that you end up subconsciously placing thing’s you’ve heard into your own music.  And as long as you have different lyrics, a different tempo, and possibly a different style to it, then it’s perfectly ok!

If you know of any songs that sound similar to others please leave them in the comments section!


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