A lot can happen in 100 posts.

A year ago, in frigid New Jersey, perhaps around Christmas, an idea was born. It had been conceived previously, but had not left the relative safety of the brain it first sparked in. It was a fragile thing, sadly inadequate and malnourished at first sight. Its size and scope were boundless, hidden within the misty reaches of the author’s mind, so that not even he knew it properly.

Unable to contain it, he shared it with others, but instead of splitting and fragmenting like most ideas do, this one proved strangely supple, bending with applied weight instead of cracking. It also proved infectious.

It spread like the plague to anyone who heard about it. It fed off the growing conviction in the author’s mind and expanded.

One of the first to witness it realized the power it could have if applied properly, and became the second author. Two heads ballooned the idea to a state of grandeur. It was something that could change the world on a massive scale, and do it for the better. It was something that could bring fame and fortune to those involved. Something that led straight to the top – for those that execute it and those that later follow. This was an idea that distilled into diamonds.

Others were brought on board to propel it. This idea – this Cavalry Project – was chopped and morphed. Over the course of a year it changed, was juggled, pushed back, and undulated, growing steadily larger. Every time reality tried to squash it, it would show an ironclad shell, that was as difficult to break as it was to make tangible.

It proved heavy. It proved herculean. It staggered.

You can’t eat an elephant in one sitting.

The Cavalry Project stalled.

Six months ago, the founders reshuffled their cards.

Five months ago,  the Punch Cartel was born. It is the precursor. It is the first piece of the growing puzzle, and carries within it the soul of the idea.

Here we stand. Six thousand views, twenty members, twenty five subscribers, 100 posts. It may not seem like much. Thank you, to all of you who have made this happen. It may at times seem like a lot of bark and no bite, and to those involved who have heard mentions of the Cavalry Project, it may honestly seem like a load of voodoo.

In the last five months, the first author has fallen in love, has sickened and gotten well. Has broken into adult life, has spent more money than he’s earned, has created and destroyed, has made and lost friends, has watched the country slide slowly towards the abyss. But he has not lost the idea that started it all. The Cavalry Project yet lives, and the first Conblogerate is just the beginning.

With eleven months to go until the end of the world, anything and everything could happen. But whether you’re just witnessing this or a part of it, know that corporate greed, a corrupted, overreaching government, and an economic struggle that may soon rival the Great Depression are not all that are happening in this country.

There are people here still looking for the American Dream, and to be honest, it is central to both the Cavalry Project and the Punch Cartel.

This stage, this first few thousand views, marks the first stage of the Cartel – we’re about to embark on something great. Something bigger than just the blog. The blog is only the beginning.

A lot can happen in 100 posts.


One thought on “Milestone

  1. Chris Reynolds says:

    Chills dude. These next steps we take are crucial to propelling the CP to the top. I have a marketing strategy that may just be the thing we were looking for last summer. Hit me up, we shall dicsuss.

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