Mother Nature’s Son

Mother Nature’s Son has pretty simple lyrics, but they affect me on a much deeper level.

The main idea behind this song is being in connection with nature.  Now this may seem like a cool concept, but it’s not just a concept, it’s a fact.  Now when some people hear this they may think “ahh I don’t like nature”, or “I like living in the modern world, I’m the city type.”  But In fact, every single thing we have and use in our technological / industrial society comes from nature!  Everything from the buildings we live in to the clothes we wear to the computes we use.

All of the oxygen we breathe comes from plants and trees, and we exhale CO2, which those same plants and trees photosynthesize using light energy from the sun, then pump out the oxygen we breathe again and again.  So while people may say “I hate nature” they are actually exercising their direct connection with nature!

Now not everyone is a nature hater, but I’ve met a few.  For the most part people recognize nature as being important.  But do people really grasp the connection?  Here’s another point from a book I have called “Natural Highs”

In a deeply relaxed, meditative state, your physical body produces a vibration that measures to about 8 cycles per second (cps). At the same time, your brain waves shift from their everyday waking beta range (13-39 cps) into the same 8 cps deep aplha range as the body. When this occurs, and electromagnetic field is created around the head. Amazingly, this field links up with the frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field, hovering around 8 cps. Then, once we are in harmony with the planetary vibration, we feel high!

Is this what Paul McCartney was talking about when he wrote this song?  We do know that the song was inspired by a lecture given by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi while the Beatles were in India.

It’s often difficult to describe what this connection feels like.  It’s extreme bliss and a universal sense of “knowing,” multiplied by infinity.  It’s what I feel this song is all about.


What do you think?

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