Personal Poetry and the Importance of Constant Creation

When you study at a school like SCAD there’s no doubt that your creative energies are almost always in use or being satisfyingly stimulated in some manner. What to do then when you find yourself in Savannah over Summer quarter, not taking classes and living casually close to Tybee with your ‘rents on Whitemarsh Island? If you guessed ‘you write’, you’re right. You write, I guess. Right? I guess.

I found myself feeling fairly flustered without an outlet for my fervent feelings. I decided then and there that there then should be a goal. A good old guideline for mine mind’s own maintenance. I would create something new every day, be it a painting, a short story, the beginnings of a screenplay. And on days when nothing else came about, I wrote poetry. I began writing my first poems, playfully placing basic phrasing, basically. But as the days passed the passages being produced progressively began improving, I believe. To say that I’m a poet now sounds natural on my ears, no longer tainted by my fears.

I promise I don’t always type like that. I’m just really in the vibe right now. Feel me?

Here’s a piece I recently wrote.



You are ewe, are you a ewe or u?

In and out and in your doubt an n?

I see eyes see icy seas sees i?

Accuse the use, the cues that confuse the queues, thank you then q?

Are you ewes, or are you using our aura for a use for u?

Any needs a knee needs and an e?

Seek to speak unique.


I’ve been contemplating compiling my poems into one bound entity. A book of poetry? Eh, I’ll probably need a few more than fifty one poems to fill the pages. Regardless, I’ll certainly share more of my writing in time.

-Jorge B.


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