June Bloom – A Long Distance Relationship

Our band consist of 3 members, Me on guitar an vocals, Ryan on the drums, and Pete on the bass.  We used to live in the same town and jam almost everyday after school, and every time we possibly could.  We currently live in different areas, but we still manage to get together and work on material.  This is how it’s done:  Ryan and Pete will come up with a song and then record a demo, send it to me, I’ll write the lyrics and melody, and figure out the solos.  Another way (as you’ll see in the video), involves me recording a song and then sending it to Ryan and Pete, so they can figure out their parts on their own.  That way when we do get together, we already know 90% of the songs, and we can just focus on making it flow.  And since we practiced together so much in high school, this comes fairly easy.  In conclusion, long distance relationships can work!  When it’s a band that is…

We have a new album “Siege” coming out this Xmas, and we are currently working on new material for another album.


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