What is Meditation?

“This song represents my strongest meditation, which is writing, playing, and recording music”


What is meditation?

It may be a certain breathing technique, a certain mantra or what-not..

But meditation can be anything!  Walking, playing music, eating, watching a movie, having sex, taking a shower, etc etc etc.

I feel meditation is anything that allows you to center into your inner being and relax.

All of the talk about “this is the best meditation”, “this breathing technique will get you there” is just bullshit.  I’m sure that certain things work for certain people, but not for everyone.  I could give certain techniques that I use, but it would be useless.

All of these techniques are like clothes.  We all wear different things, some things similar, some wildly different.  But our clothing is not who we really are, who we are on the inside.  Clothing may express a certain taste or personality we have, but underneath it all we are just consciousness, awareness.

That’s the purpose of meditation, to bring us to the understanding of this inner awareness, and then to maintain that awareness throughout our everyday lives.

In regards to how to meditate, just do what works best for you!  That’s all there is to it!  Whatever makes you feel the most bliss, go for that!



One thought on “What is Meditation?

  1. Andrew Hutcheson says:

    truly awe-some John. George Harrison had a similar thing to say when asked about his mantra, that it would do them no good to know his mantra because it was specifically his mantra, and they would need their own.

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