Fist Full of Grace: Six – Doodle

I’m producing a short film that’s shooting this December in Massachusetts
called Doodle, which is about the yearnings of a young artist to express herself
despite her mother’s strict emphasis on academics.

I became interested in the project because of the fact that Anne, our protagonist, doesn’t 
speak throughout the film but rather chooses to express herself through her doodles, which I 
thought was a fun way to explore communication, a theme I’ve come to love in the art I work on.
I also just wanted to help make someone’s dreams come true – Charles Frank, the
director of Doodle, is one of the most passionate, courageous people I know, and he’s
still a Junior in High School. I had a dream at his age to direct a short film I wrote
called Brighteyes that ended up falling apart due to lack of support. I also just didn’t
have my shit together nearly as much as he does. Charles reminds me everyday of
why I love to make movies, and that’s why I want to help him make his.
The crew for Doodle actually happens to be kind of a who’s-who of the April
Grace crew. It is being directed by Charles Frank (Behind-the-Scenes on AG), based
on a story by Zach Kornfeld (Script Supervisor), written by George Murray (Writer),
shot by Shane Seibel (Cinematographer), and produced by Andrew Hutcheson
(Producer/Director). We also have 1st Assistant Director David Kramer (Producer/
1st AD on AG), Assistant Producer Christian McDonald (Key PA), Best Boy Grip David
Brickel (BBG), and 1st Assistant Cameraman Kevin Bueschen (Stills Photo/BBE).
This will be the first Zandrak short film to be shot on our new RED ONE-MX, Bruce,
who was used this summer for April Grace, too.
So when you have a minute go onto our Rockethub fundraising site and
check out the promotional video we shot – we hope you enjoy it and look forward
to keeping you all updated on now TWO outstanding projects coming from Zandrak

You can check out Doodle here:

What do you think?

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