The prodigal son returns, after a week of silence. A proverbial exile in the desert. A sad tango with reality; reality is a really bad dancer. It steps on your toes and spills the champagne all over the place and only sometimes does it remember the steps. A week of all work and no play, making this blogger feel more dead than alive. Older, and less mature to boot. But let me tell you, the air you and I breathe smells significantly sweeter after a dip in the gutter.

Life is like a fairy tale in that it teaches you a lesson. The lesson to learn here is one of perseverance. One of survival. You have to remember to stick to your principles, head to your goal, and keep on keeping. All things connect, and life is a game.

In the immortal words of that one Such is Life song, “you can’t win or lose, you can only be set free.”

Reality is only a product of your thoughts. Change it to your liking if you dare. The efforts of a few starving artists and a harebrained admin have forged the first link in a chain that may one day be used to lasso the moon and steal it. After only a month of posts, the Cartel has reached its first milestone: 1000 views.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and strangers, the Punch Cartel breathes again.

The Cavalry Project lives.


What do you think?

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